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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Woohoo. 'Finally met Direk Laurenti Dyogi! Ay caramba, he's a hottie!;P I only noticed him when I regularly saw him in Star Circle Quest. He's, hmmm, enigmatically handsome (if there ever is such a thing). And that slight drawl when he speaks... ayyy. *Would ya believe, I tried surfing for his pic at Google and Yahoo... not a single pic! Why oh why oh why?!*

We observed the shooting of the "John Lloyd-Bea" movie (Yes, that IS their verrrry creative and imaginative working title for the movie. Haha!) as part of our external training (since my department sells the motion picture films). He is a tall dude ha. Or then again, maybe coz I'm small. Anywayz... So we went to IO at The Loop this afternoon coz they were shooting two scenes there. They were on the second sequence by the time we got there. Saw John Lloyd who wore such a thick foundation, Bea who was surprisingly thin pala, Louie sumthin who was the kooky look-alike of Rico Yan (the same kakulitan, smile, and zaniness), Nikki Valdez and Christopher Peralta. Met the hippie-looking dude who was the Director of Photography. His name escapes me at the moment.

So anyway, met Direk and shook his hands and smiled. Gaah. He has such a firm, confident handshake. Once in a while he'd go out of the videoke room where they were rolling and then he'd check out the video assist. Vic, Bianx and I were sitting there watching the video assist, chatting up the manong who was manning the quarter inch magnetic which was capturing the live sound inside the videoke room. Direk wore a cool red suede Diesel sneakers. Didn't get to see the brand of his watch. Ahh but it was nice to sit beside him :)

We were joking around earlier inside the car: we reminded ourselves to turn off the alerts of our fones, to carefully tread the wires all over the floor and to be quiet coz baka masabihan kami ni Direk ng "You're OUT!" ;P He seems scary pa naman as a judge in SCQ.

I so did not want to leave without saying goodbye to him. We were almost gonna leave without making paalam to him coz he disappeared right after the pack-up. Well anyway, he just grabbed his backpack pala. They were off to Galleria for the next shoot. He thought nga that we were coming pa with them there. But it was getting late na and we needed to get back to the office... So there, we said bye and shook hands again. He's a great "handshaker"-- he shakes your hand using both of his hands with a firm grasp. I likey!

Sadness. We couldn't take a sneaky shot of him though with our fone's cam coz some of the crew were standing behind us. Hiyuuuck, 'kahiya naman if they see us taking pics of Direk! Haha! We're not even freakin' interested with John Lloyd :P.

So there. We are scheming to invite him on our regular UP Career Talks and our other upcoming product launches so that we can see more of him ;) We got his fone number and mailing address na from the PA. Hahaha!


Abbie eXcites said...

Wow! I agree on this one...Lauren Dyogi! Whatahunk! One of the reasons why I used to love SCQ!


Saw John Lloyd before at North Park with his Ciara. Seems snobby.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yes, haha! HOTNESS. Enuf said ;)