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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


WHAT IS UP WITH FRIENDSTER??? I opened mine last night and then, lo & behold, I have like 140 freakin' messages from strangers (predominantly UGHly guys... sadness. Some have obviously fake celebrity pix. Some have totally weird if not geekish interests... we don't even share the same interests at all)!!!! What's up with that?!?! Anong kaguluhan toh?! Is there some sort of race at Friendster as to whoever has 500 friends in one day? Has my Friendster ID or my name or my email has been posted somewhere nasty? WTF is up?!? My Yahoo mail is flooded with Friendster's message notifications. I haven't even finished going through all those junk messages -- some paying me compliments, some slightly perverted, some begging me to add them as a friend, some just saying "hi".

Here are the standouts for your sheer amusement. I swear it was so entertaining reading through all those junk. My comments are in parentheses:

Subject: Friends?

Message: I was browsing the gallery and saw ur sleeping
beauty kind of pic and i hope that we could get
to be friends!

(ay. aliw to ah!)


Subject: hi there

Message: i want to join in your circle of friend,would
you allow me to join?

(this made it sound like i am conducting a, uhmm, star circle talent search?)

Subject: wala lang! Ang ganda mo kasi eh!

Message: Hi! pwede bang makipagkaibigan as in? Ang ganda
mo kasi eh! nangangailangan pa naman ako ngayon
ng magagandang kaibigan to help me heal my
broken heart. sana maging friends tayo! here's
my contact no. 0916XXXXX and landline XXXXX Mark

(astig to ah. AS IN. feeling close! aba. at nakikipag-phonepal pa!)


Subject: hi, how are you

Message: how are you Aileen? i am from Dubai, UAE. i am
intrested you, pls mail me: XXXXX
my web site:

(take a peek at his site. wahaha.)


Subject: interested in you!!

Message: hi,,,my name is richard....
im from singapore chinese 30yearolds hope i wont
be to old for you!! i like to travel and now im
traveling ard malaysia!! hope that you will drop
me e msg so we can know each other more ok!!

takecare & goodluck.....

(hmm. the last time i checked I was NOT in a mail-order bride catalog ;P)


Subject: Hi Friend

Message: hi! Aileen kmusta jan sa pinas? pwede b ktang
mging friend? what is ur number pra mtawagan kta
kong pwede? d2 k sa Guam.saan ka nagwo work? cge
ingat ka. musta mo na lang k sa pamily mo.

(isa pa 'tong feeling close. helloooo?!)


Subject: hi.......

Message: Hallo.....
I herie from indonesia
I really be attracted by your the appearance
since the first time entering in friendster.
If you did not object I want to berteman with
you, if you agreed responded my enamel...
Thank apostr s...

(huh? *blank stare* he speaks in a funny alien language.)


Subject: knock2!!!!!!!

Message: hey there! wzup! how's it goin? srry 4 bargin'in
k! i jst thought u lookd so wildlyfun and
interestin'! btw, u got a scintillatin' face.
anyway, i jst wnna say hi and make friends! hope
ur aight w/ that! ciao!!!!!!!!

(maniac-ish homeboy from the states, native of leyte. get this: his name is spelled "Irvhin". Haha. The trademark pinoy "H".)


Subject: hi

Message: hey can u add me?la lng u luk gud eh..u take care

(what am I, a decoration on your friends list?)


Subject: HELLO

Message: care 2 be a friend?

(i don't care.*haha* period.)


Subject: sup girl...

Message: ur damn gorgeous... hope its cool to add u up...

(hmm. this dude is damn FRESH.)


Subject: hi.!

Message: .wla lng..! .pKi Invite nmAn ako pRa mdmi ako
friends..! ...sAlamAt...ยต

(aww. sorry i could not help you in your exciting Friendster career.)


Subject: Hi!

Message: I find your pictures very lovely and pretty.
By the way,I'm Warren 28 years of age and
working as a Test Product Engineer here in one
of the semiconductor company in Laguna
Technopark here in Binan.
I'm very much interested in meeting you.
Is that possible?
Are you in a relationship right now?
Appreciate and hope that you could provide a
response to my email add:

Thanks& God Bless,

(scary to ah. feel na feel makipag EB.)


Subject: aileen

Message: hi,may bf ka na ba?

(hi, close tayo?)


Subject: hi aileen

Message: hello im enzogwapo. hows ur day aileen. wer do u
work. do u have cell oe land phone so i can call
u? give me ur number aileen. reply pls

(kulit nito ah. and feeling gwapo.)


Subject: hello

Message: hi nice to know you in here , you have a greeting
from me for you :)



Subject: hi

Message: hallo dear i meet u to day and i think i was
looking for u all my life wait ur email at
soon plz

(feeling soul mate toh ah.)


Subject: hi....

Message: helo.... can i meet you...? joke! just want to
say you are pretty....

(haha! natawa ako dito :P)


Subject: Hellooooo

Message: Uhhh... well me bigfoot , like to be ur friend
eheh.. can ??

(uhhh... cannot.)


Subject: hi

Message: you can add me if you like

(no. i don't like.)


Subject: how about exchanging thoughts about neruda?

Message: just read your profile from the gallery. if you
really love neruda, then you must engrossed too
with his fellow countryman and poet Cesar
Vallejo. But there are more superior romantic
poets than them. Teach me about your music.
Perhaps, I can show a more profound world of
poetry. How about that for a start? Tnx.

(how about that for a lame, geekish small talk? :P)


Subject: hi........

Message: aileen
can u be my freinds?

(can you fix your grammar first?)


Subject: hello!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: I saw your profile.... I think u are nice and
> a very interesting kind of person. Don’t worry,
> hindi kita message para magpacute lang just for
> u to add me in your friends list or anything.
> just a feeling na I want to know u more, ok
> ba?
> Hey, you are very open to what you want and i
> really like that.. Anyways.. hope i can get to
> know you more...
> Your pic is nice but I am more interested
> with the person writing all this facts in
> life...damn... i will never find someone like
> you nowadays...
> Well i have to end this now, i maybe
> taking so much of your time... thanks anyway.
> maybe i will send you a message again.
> Its ok if you wont answer back... thank you

(This one, I've got to commend though for creativity... Twas refreshing to read it amidst all the lame messages I got.)


Subject: just applying!

Message: i'm just wondering if you could possibly add me
as one of your friend?i know you have lots of
good and great pals. but would you consider to
try a new one like me!we might have different
views in life but we can have the same views
about frienship.You know in the rythm of life we
sometimes find ourselves out of tunes,but as
long as there's frienship which becomes our
melody,the music plays on can you be one of my
best songs?i'm not that totally good in english
but i can be a true&good friend!thanks for
reading my message hoping to consider me one of
your's my email
ad.God bless you
always and take care.

(hmm. 'last time I checked I did not announce any openings for application at Friendster.)


Strangeness. Why had all the weirdos suddenly come out of the woodwork? They're even fearlessly leaving their celfone nos. and landlines and email addys! Freaky! ;P


arls said...

omigod!!!! it's so... i dunno, there seem to be no word for this experience!!! pero that just tell us one thing: you're really a good-lookin' gal to have all these offers!!! ;)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

haha! hilarious dba?! my ofcmate figured out why: it's coz i posted a new pic as my primary photo there. weird!:P bumenta! hahaha!:P