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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Okay, now don't laugh... I haven't ever been to Eastwood (coz it's oh-so-freakin' far fr. where I live!) ever and it was my first time to be there last night. I went there with Charo to watch the fellas perform. I haven't seen the guys for like more than a month. In some weird way, I miss 'em when I don't see them for weeks. They're my sugar-rush so I suppose it's a quasi-addiction that I can never shake. Sprinkle that with hugs from the rest of the akakadas and I am happy :)

Charo and I got there around 7:30pm. We were walking around and then I suddenly saw Lucy waving at us from the nearby tables. So we joined them: Lucy, Mika, Tito Kiko and Tita Cora. Twas my first time to meet the mom of Reubs. She's as nice as Tito Kiko who's as nice as Reubs. Hehe, nice happy family :) Oh, and speaking of Reubs... he got his hair dyed again! This time, with a much lighter brown color.

Later on, we were joined by Sybs and Peachy. During the show, 'met Teena and Maika. Jane and her friend Odette (?) was there too.

Jeco happened to be there din in Eastwood with, ermm, his date (I suppose). Managed to wave at him as they passed by Fazoli's where we were seated.

Was surpised to see that my uber-fave tandem, Chico & Delamar, were the hosts of the show. It was the launch pala of this new magazine called "Unwind". So anyway, here are the pix. Darn it, I wasn't able to snap a pic of Myke strutting in all his 6-pack glory during the Mossimo fashion show! Oh well...

Chico & Del

The 'fellas sans Ikey

Paolo Santos

It was sooo nice to hear Karl belt out the Martin Nievera classic "Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin". I just sooo luv that song in the guys' repertoire. Here's my fave part of the song:

pano mapipigil ang isang damdamin
kung ang sinisigaw
ikaw ang lahat sa akin

at kung hindi ngayon
ang panahon, upang ikaw ay mahalin
bukas na walang hanggan
hanggang matapos ang kailan pa man
bukas na walang hanggang
ako'y maghihintay pa rin

Ahhh. Karl's just sooo galing when he does that part. 'Gives me goosebumps sometimes. They finished performing early. Before Charo and I left, I went to the backstage to say hi to the guys. Ay, si Pau, wala nang amnesia! It's a miracle!:P When he saw me he greeted me agad as in "Hi Aileen". Haha, and like what Ikey used to warn me with when I beso them, he went "Pawis!". Haha. I kidded him "Wow ha, you're wearing your Sarabia look!" coz he wore this nice stylish tinted eyeglasses. After greeting everyone -- Red, a belated Happy Birthday at that (aww, 'was supposed to greet Ikey too but he was not in the gig) -- Charo and I decided to watch Paolo Santos do one song. It's not thrilling to watch Paolo Santos anymore coz he mimics Jason Mraz's singing style most of the time that it gets pretty annoying.

This cab we rode to Makati obviously got his meter rigged coz helloooo, we just made ikot at Eastwood and suddenly it was freakin' 40+ bucks already! Charo watched the meter and she exclaimed something like: "Hoy manong, grabe ha, from 40+ naging 50+ agad yang metro nyo!" Yeah! Gooo Charo-girl!!! 'Was quite suprised that Charo would yelp out to the asshole cab driver since, by nature, she's kinda on the quiet side. Naaaks, Charo's getting agressive na, woohoo!;P So anyway, the stupid cab driver lamely said that wala daw daya yung metro nya. HELLERRRR?!?! (yes, that's the new jologs word that I learned to use, hahaha!:P ) So anyway, after we let him know that we were watching his meter, it seemed to have gone back to its normal rate. But anyway, when we got off the cab in Makati, even if the meter read about P125+, we just gave the cheating bastard a hundred bucks. Gaah, assholes on the streets of Manila >:/ Grr-ness.



Gaah. Roses really smell like boo-hoo-hooo. This love has taken its toll on me. Her heart is breakin' in front of him.

Grr moment. Sadness. Punyenye *Lucy, pa-borrow ng term ha ;)*. Ay ewan! Blahhhh. Look at my tabulas later.

It is not a friggin' good idea to pop in a Damien Rice CD now but I just did. :P