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Sunday, June 13, 2004



Bought three new CDs last week...

1. Jimmy Bondoc's Musikero - He writes such poignant songs...*sigh*... Let Me Be the One, The Man I Was With You and Safe Place can make your heart ache and your eyes on the verge of tears.

2. Kyla's Not Your Ordinary Girl - I just luvvv this gal's cool breathy voice... I like her vocal affectations... I bought this CD primarily because of her versions of Human Nature (Michael Jackson), Make Me Whole (Amel Larrieux), and that old Gary V ballad that I sooo like, What More Can I Say. I keep skipping the Because of You track though ;)

3. Damien Rice's O - I sooo luvvv this album! If you like depressing, poignant, poetic music, you will like this relatively known Irish artist. I fell in love with the poetic lyrics of Cannonball which is the song that made me buy this album. I sooo like poetic sh*t. He sounds like a "weepier" version of Coldplay's vocalist, Chris Martin. The album sounds like a depressing Sarah McLachlan CD minus the piano, replaced by an acoustic guitar plus the cello, with male vocals interspersed with a bit of Tori Amos-like alternative vocals by Lisa Hannigan.

I have too much to say about this album... I'll make a separate post about it later...



My annoying old computer chair was finally "retired". I think we've had that computer chair eversince I was using the jurassic Wordstar and Lotus 123 software! Its screw-on little backrest kept falling off. I super-glued the screws but after a coupla weeks, it just gave up on me. After a coupla back-aching weeks marinating on the net with the poor old sucky computer chair, I finally bought myself a spankin' new, ass-pleasing comfy chair from Blims. Yebbah! It's got a full backrest and a wider seat so I can happily put my feet up on the seat as I vegetate by the monitor for hours. :)



I went along with my dad & mom to Metropolis as they bought *ackkk* pirated DVDs. I asked my mom to bring me to those tiangge stalls where she got her uber-cheap slip-ons. Whoopee! I can't believe they sell a pair of slip-on sandals for just 100 freakin' pesos! I got myself 2 pairs -- a white single strap slip-on with a silver rivet and a thin buckle and a cutesy thong-type pink and blue slip-on. I like wearing those things when I just go out to somewhere nearby like my sister's house, the church, the beauty salon, etc. Man, I can't believe I can still get something nice with a hundred bucks!



I have been feeling weird, down and unpretty these past few days. Plus I have been so booked for like 3 consecutive weekends that I haven't got the time to go to the salon. So this weekend, I finally had time to go to the friendly neighborhood salon.

I spent like 3.5 freakin' hours in the salon: had my hair cut and had it dyed into a shade called "dark blonde deep red". It is not exactly blonde, helloooo. It's actually more like dark brown with a reddish tinge. Goodbye boring black/brown layered hair! My copper brown cellophane has worn off and my layered hair has been sooo overgrown that I have been wearing my hair on a pony tail most of the time. I sooo felt like I had bad hair day every freakin' day. It is sooo time for a new hair! I was supposed to, hmmm, put up some pix here as I vainly took some self-portraits with my trusty N6230. But I was too inspired as I fiddled with 'em on Adobe Photoshop. So anyway, I ended up doodling with my brushes and here are my vain master*ackk*pieces:


Sidethought: (Is there such a word as sidethought? Anyway, who cares?! I can make up words anytime I want...) Grrr. I hope it won't rain on Tuesday night! It's gonna be the Linkin Park gig already! Oh please God, don't let 'em rain on my Meteora parade :( Pretty please?