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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Last Sunday, Charo and I went to Pulo, Cabuyao, Laguna to attend the baptism of Ajie & Eric's adorable healthy twins -- Elisha Aedrienne and Ezra Aedrielle.

Man, I AM really getting old! To date, I am now a godmother to three children. Charo and I are godmothers to the younger twin (Rielle). We spent our Sunday afternoon babysitting the twins and it was then that I realized that it is such a big job to be a mother! I was trying to put myself in my friend Ajie's place... she's a wife and a mother of twins now. Whoa. Such an adult thing to be! Twas then that I thought to myself that hey, I am freakin' old! I am twenty six and some of my friends are married already -- Aga & Jovan just got married this year while Ajie has been married for a year (I forget... has it been a year or two years already?) and has babies now! Ivy is also married! Wow. I suddenly felt kinda juvenile. Very weird.

As I was holding Rielle in my arms, I thought to myself: "Am I gonna be a mother like this someday?" "Will I be a good mom?" "Will I ever get married?" "Will I make a good wife?" "Will I ever have an S.O.?". Gaaah. Such burning questions... It just saddens and tires me at the same time to come up with answers to such ruminations.

Well anyway, enough of the quarter-life crisis questions. Here are our pictures as I held all 10lbs of baby Rielle for like an hour ('Swear she was oh-so-heavy nangalay my arms!) and Charo with the much lighter baby Rienne. **Haha, I was half-praying to myself and whispering to Rielle not to regurgitate on me! :P **

Gaah, notice the dark circles under my eyes? Yay, I went out on a G with my college friends Rose and She the night before at ATC... Had dinner and drinks at TGI Fridays. Hehe, I tried this drink called "Screaming Orgasm" (mix of Kahlua, Amaretto, and some other stuff I can't remember...) and I was asking the bartender if it came in shots or if it was like served in a tall cocktail glass. So first he said it was in a glass so I thought, whoa, not bad, lots to drink. But then after a few minutes he corrected himself and said it came in a jigger. So I told Rose: "Hmm, sabi na nga ba eh. I was surprised he said that it came in a glass. Coz orgasms don't usually last long diba? Quick lang sya diba? ;P " Hmm, my elementary dirty-mind analogy at work! HAH! So there. The Screaming Orgasm didn't last long. Hayyy. Sadness. But it's a good drink -- short and sweet. ;)

Holy cow, I can't believe I am talking about sex and wholesome babies all in the same post. Ngorks. Sorry if it may seem totally inappropriate ;P


Abbie eXcites said...

Ei! You went in Cabuyao and you did not even drop by! Hmph! Hmph! We were texting, right? God for you, I have like 12 inaanaks already! Felicity is SO addicting!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...
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~*lilacstardust*~ said...

*aww* sorry dearie! i didn't even know where your house was from where we were! Charo & I got kinda lost on the way to the church actually :P Were we texting that day? hmm, anyway, i was soooo antok when I got home at 4pm (stayed out late kasi the night before)... i missed going to mass coz I woke up at 7pm!

hehe, i got you pretty hooked on Felicity huh =) Don'tcha just luuuuv Ben & Felicity?! *sigh* You should have watched it on channel 9 til Season 4. I cried my heart out watching Season 4!;)

Abbie eXcites said...

Haha! That's ok. I kinda love Noel...