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Sunday, May 30, 2004


It's been a month since I last spent time with the akakada. I have detached myself for almost the whole month of May coz of some personal stuff. But since I decided some time late this month that I cannot take sh*t fr ___ anymore, I said to myself that I should go back into my social circle and be with friends again. I have been missing my friends from the forum for ages... i just read and tagged on their blogs to keep in touch but it's just not the same as when I am out with them having a darn good blast of fun.

What I miss about this bunch are their warmth, their sweetness and their "genuineness" in dealing with everyone. And the hugs, let's not forget the hugs... In my entire life, I have never been a "huggy" person, but when I got to know them, I have started to appreciate genuinely-given hugs and felt wonderful giving them hugs myself. Really, *no crap* I thank God that I have managed to cross paths with such wonderful people like them...

So anyway, I was actually tamad to go to Galleria yesterday coz Charo was not coming with me. But then, I just chatted with Teena and Tere at YM last Friday night and I sooo started to miss everyone so I went coz I really wanted to see them again. Plus I also missed the fellas too. I haven't been to a gig for a month and I have heard they had new songs in their repertoire...

At Galle, I proceeded to Shakey's where everyone was supposed to meet. I saw Lucy, Mika, Teena, Sybs (and Nikki) there. Aww, it was so nice to see these gals again!:) After hanging out, we decided to go take a peek at the guys who were supposed to perform at this Miss Robinsons Pageant thing. Basically, they were there to "serenade" the contestants as the girls sashayed onstage. Now I haven't seen the guys in such a long time and it was such a sight to see them in their formal suits! Naaaks, the boys are all grown up! *tear* They looked so good in their suits, I swear. Funny though how they had to sing the super mega extended version of "Maghihintay Sayo" coz the contestants were not yet done with their modelling whatever thingie down on the main stage (the guys were at the elevated part of the stage).

Gaah. Were were they when you needed a prom date, huh? ;)

After the show, there was another sight to see: Pau, Ikey, Red and Reubs still in their suits, lining up at Jollibee :D

After Galleria, Teena, Mika, Sybs, Leslie and I went to the new Dish at The Loop, ABS CBN. Twas my first time to go there. It's way better than the old dish at Power Plant, Rockwell. It was a great gig night coz the fellas were performing back-to-back with South Border.

It was good that I decided to go with them at Dish coz there, I saw Rommel, Tere, June (now these three I haven't seen for the longest time ever!), Hogi and Peachy. And then I met Mic there for the first time. We have been reading each other's blog and commenting here and there but we never really met each other. Funny how it went:

me: Miiic!
Mic: (after the beso goes...) Hi!!! *smiles and then had a puzzled look on her face* ... Who are you?!
me: I'm Aileen!
Mic: Ah, it's you! You look different!
(coz she's only seen my pics on the net)

Hahaha! Mic, that was precious! Wahahaha! ;P

As usual, we are a picture-happy bunch:

Even though I have had lotsa pictures with the guys, I just had to have some new ones last night. I was telling Robi, "Hey, I have got to have a picture with the new slim you! Naaaks!" (Notice the kooky Ikey making a face behind Robi). And then Reubs, we never really had a good picture together coz most of the time he has a weird pose... He goes: "Oh, update! Update!" After the shot he goes: "Oh ha, iniba ko na ang smile ko, tingnan mo..." And then Hogi came over to where we were standing and we posed. Hogi goes: "Yuuuuck, pa-cute ako....". And then Rommel and Mika joins in. Gaah. Leslie was cropped and I was also almost cropped and then date-stamped. That's what you get when you take pictures in the dark and just take a good guess as to where to aim the camera! ;P

It was my first time to see Jin perform bass for the guys. And I thought Karl was not gonna be there coz he was singing front act for the Black Eyed Peas that night. Good thing he made it to Dish after performing at the BEP gig. I thought I was not gonna hear the much-talked about new songs that night since it was Jin who was with them. Good thing Roger popped in at the latter part of the show. So yebbah, I finally heard the rock version of Ocho-Ocho c/o Robi (wow, the guys were jumping up and down onstage like some grunge rock band, hehehe) and the bossa nova (naaaaks!) version of Bulaklak c/o Karl. I swear, only they can pull off that kind of stunt! Galeng... You would shudder at the thought of them singing such kinds of songs but hey, they pulled it off with such style!

After the fellas, we stayed on to watch South Border. Aww, I sooo luv Jay Durias' voice. These guys are good. It was my first time to see them live with Duncan and the other new vocalist. It was sooo nice hearing their old songs again like Tulog, Sayo and Kahit Kailan. Aww, and their version of Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing... *gaah* *melts*... And Klymaxx's I'd Still Say Yes. Man, these guys are really good as always.

'Hitched a ride with Tere (thanks!) and had such a nice conversation on the way home.

Around 12:30 am on the way home, I got this forwarded message from him again. What a timing. I didn't reply to it. I said to myself, I can't live like this. I AM GETTING MY GROOVE BACK and nothing can stop me! Yebbah.


Abbie eXcites said...

I agree with look different. Glowing, in fact. If that is the price I have to pay for being "shitty in love", I'll do it over and over again.

Funneee abt Mac's forwarded message! Such timming!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! classic katangahan of mic... :P but in my defense, you DO look different in person... sprt of :P hahaha... -mic

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ABBIE, are you SURE you wanna go through that friggin' hell i've been to?! hahaha! be careful what you wish for, girl! well, as they say, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger ;) *gaaaah, did i get my saying right? shucks bka ma-MM ako nito ;P*

me, glowing?! ah kasi... ya know. na-kwento ko na syo sa tagboard mo dba;)

MIC! Ok lang yun, ang cute mo nga eh with that puzzled look on your face ;)

Anonymous said...

wahahaha! i was watching the whole thing thinking, "do they know each other na?" hehe! it was so cute! mic's puzzled expression along with your big big smile...perfect! i wish i captured that moment - kodak moment e! -- teena