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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Wag na init ulo baby! ~ Rivermaya

Work was crappy today. Cranky, crabby, grouchy. Yeah, I was pissed most of the time today.


1. The Flyer From Hell Reincarnates... I have burned the flyer layout on CD first thing in the morning. I was ready to hand it off to the printer. Then our distributor calls me and tells me to make some last minute changes. Grrr. I hate wasting a good CD-R. No, our office-supplied CD-R was not the CD-R King twelve pesos kind. I totally hate wastage. And to think that we had already wasted P9K over this flyer thing for this big hypermart whatchamacallit. Somebody from their end approved the layout already. When they saw all 5K copies of the flyer, that's when they complain that they want this and that revisions. Apparently, the superior of the one who approved the layout didn't like it. Gaaah, I was totally pissed with how labo the whole approval process was. Laboh, mhen! Kainis! Grrrr to the nth power.

2. My boss was looking for this training CD from me. Whatdaaaa?! I don't even know what it looks like. I have never ever seen it. Gaah. I hate it when people look for stuff from me that I have nothing to do with in the first place.

3. I had to go through about 20 financial credit forms for one of our film production customers to re-compute the damn 3% cash discount. Gaaah. I have better things to do (like revise that flyer from hell:P ) than going through the pile of paperwork.

4. Our ad agency's Acrobat Reader was screwed up so they couldn't open the pdf of the flyer that I emailed. I asked them to do a banner based on the flyer. I had to freakin' scan the hard copy (and my stupid Epson printer/scanner/copier/card reader takes such precious minutes to complete the whole task of scanning one friggin' page) and email a jpeg version to them.

5. I realized I had to manually do the accruals tomorrow because the Oracle program that's supposed to automatically compute for the rebates has not yet been modified as per our renewed contracts with our clients.

6. I was checking out my blog and saw this comment made by an anonymous reader on my "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" post. He/she was commenting about my SM Dasma experience. To you, whoever you are (you may actually be an acquaintance or friend of mine, who knows... but anyway...) you just annoyed the hell out of me. But anyway, it's fun to answer your comments:P Feel free to curse me the next time around.


1. He asked me how I was and I said I was badtripped! hahaha. He must think I'm a total grouch now ;P

2. My officemate emailed me this:

Hmm... Now this would've been such a kick-ass version of the movie! ;P


To my virtuous readers: Don't give me a sermon about being thankful for my job/that at least I'm blessed that I have a job rather than no job at all and such similar preachy lines. I know that already. I am a woman with PMS. Hear me roar. :P