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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Hmm. Something is definitely wrong.


1. I have not logged on to the 'fellas forum since Friday/Saturday which is extremely unusual, I tell you. I don't know why. But I miss the guys. I miss the AKAkadas. I miss the hugs, the gigs... but I do not have the compulsion to check the board. Very, very strange of me.

*side note: uhh, teena/sybs/mika/lucy/tere (and whoever forum member who's readin' this...) do give me a holler if something extremely exciting happens over there... like if: Pau has finally posted again after 10 years of not posting, Reubs has a new killer picture there, Robi has gone gay for real, Red has a newly-revealed dance move, Myke has finally learned how to do the chimes, Ikey is NOT smiling anymore, Karl is now singing Mr. Suave and Roger is doing all the melismatic singing now.

Now that was an extremely long side note. Harhar. Anyway, I will log in one of these days ;)

2. I am suddenly inspired to read again. I have gone book-shopping last week. I just bought Tuesdays With Morrie and By the River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept. My officemate lent me In the Meantime. I am still on Day 15 of Purpose-Driven Life (I got the book as a Christmas present. Pathetic. I have not budged a page for the longest time...)

To read books would mean I have to cut down on my mouse-potato time which I am trying *very* hard to do. I swear.

3. I am planning to do a major clean-up of my room:

= gotta discard and donate some old clothes that have been sitting on my closet for the longest time

= gotta fix that humongous pile of books/magazines/printouts and other random stuff on my study table which has virtually disappeared from my sight due to the above-mentioned pile.

= gotta discard old shoes and donate 'em if they're still decent enough

I have asthma. I am allergic to dust (and dust mites). I abhor cleaning up. My room may seem messy to the unacquainted eye but I know where to find all my stuff amongst the pile.

4. I am having insomnia again. That can't be good.

5. I am devastated by how SATC turned out (and it's not even real life for pete's sake!). I am just so crushed about the Jack Berger-Carrie Bradshaw break-up. I am still so sad about it. And to find out that Carrie does not end up with neither Jack Berger nor Aidan Shaw (whom I just luuuved so much in the past seasons), not even Mr. Big is so heartbreaking. And shetters, Aidan even has a friggin baby in tow! Gaaah.

6. I just saw the new Robbie Rosa vid over at MTV the other day. And hmm, it's not too bad. I find it nice, even. *ewwww* I actually think Robbie Rosa's song is nice. How yucky is that?! Yeeech.

7. I am sooo hyper-posting emotional stuff here. Which just goes to show how my state of mind and heart is. I am a freakin' open book. Gaaah. Oh well, we are all adults here anyway. This is how life is for me. For those wo don't know me that well: Are you freaked out already? ;)

Oh, and this also reinforces symptom number 4.

8. I am back in the bluesy sh*thole I was in eleven blog-months ago. Shetters. This is soooo not good for me, I KNOW. But I can't help it! I am a freakin' Drama Queen.


Charlotte: I still believe that everything happens for a reason

(she was talking about everything as in: Carrie's break-up with Berger, her divorce with Trey, etc.)

Miranda: Oh that IS B*LLSH*T!

*Haha. Goooo pessimistic grumpy Miranda!* :P