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Sunday, May 09, 2004


I've been meaning to change my blog template. It's already a year old. It was on my To Do list. 'Came next to finishing my revamped website.

Ok, shameless plug: Check out Version 2 of MY WEBSITE!!! Hmm. I've uploaded new pictures, removed old ones, changed lay-out from frames to tables, removed java applets and replaced it with shockwave flash thingies, put audios -- background sound on the homepage and the Felicity page and mouse-overs on the buttons *man, I luvvv mouse-over sounds!* I'm a music junkie so I put as much music as I can on my works. Which brings us to...

Tada!!! It turns out mp3 is compatible for the blog background sound! Mitzi, I didn't have to convert to asf! I couldn't friggin' find a software that could convert from mp3 to asf so I tested if mp3 works, and boy, it does! To solve the "after-10-yrs-before-it-completely-downloads" issue, I just converted the mp3 to a MUCH MUCH lower bitrate: from the usual 128 kbps down to 16 kbps. That explains the somewhat garbled sound. Oh but anyway, the desired effect was achieved. Sound on bloggie... check!

I suppose you peeps should just uhmm, turn up your PC's volume a bit to hear the John Mayer song properly.

I dunno if it was John Mayer who wrote "This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday". If he did, then he's a genius.

I guess it's an old song. I can't even find it on his discography. Hmmm. I DL'd it from Kazaa ages ago... like a year ago when I was randomly downloading every John Mayer song I could find. It was a surprisingly great jewel of a song that I discovered. (gaah, was my grammar correct? that was pretty confusing... anyway...)

And I had a self-proclaimed brilliant idea of making my sidebar headings out of songs' lyrics... Ok just to explain (for the pop music ignoramus)...

* the "About Me" header is from No Doubt's Underneath It All
* the "Archives" header, from Coldplay's poignant The Scientist
* the "TagBoard" header, from Dave Matthews Band's Crash Into Me
* the "Favorites" header, Sheryl Crow's My Favorite Mistake
* the "Blog Links" header, D' Sound's People are People

So there. Did that make sense?