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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Went to my dermatologist after work today. Twas my 3rd visit to this new derma of mine which was recommended to me by my officemate, Bianx. I used to go to this female derma wherein I got constant zit injections for my uber-stubborn zits. There seemed to be no improvement so Bianx suggested that I try her derma. Funny thing is, my old and new derma's clinics are actually in the same building *teehee*.

'Started to see this new derma since March and I've got to say that this one's pretty darn good! During my first visit he gave me a free diamond peel, ya know, just to try it out and see its effect. He was not an advocate of zit injection. Instead, he gave me this whole slew of stuff that I have to put on my face. He cleanly mapped out my morning and bedtime regimen in this chart thing that I have posted on my mirror. Pretty much costed quite a sum of moolah since I had to buy all these medicines in one go. Oh but it seems to work so I think it's worth it :) I don't have those annoyingly huge "repressed" zits that I used to have injected by my old derma like every other week.

So both of us were happy about my skin's improvement as we saw each other on this 3rd visit of mine. The stuff he gave me seem to work well so we stuck by it. And I am starting to love this diamond peel thing coz it really makes a diff! It is damn expensive but oh well, it is sooo worth it!

I wuv wuv my derma!:) I highly suspect he is gay but it's all good coz it's so fun coz he's so kikay with my skin talaga. Like any other gay, he's quite tarush when he talks sometimes but I like him :) He chats me up while he's diamond peeling me and also while he pricks my tiny zits as I shed uncontrollable tears (coz shetters, pricking hurts talaga esp. if it's done on the nose/lips area. Gaaah. No pain, no gain!). The typical scene is him talking and talking while delicately wiping my tears with tissue and me replying in between painful pricks. And then he mutters "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" when he notices that I am shedding much tears already. Haha.

Aww and he's so bait kanina:)He was making kwento about this yummy affordable gelatos he "discovered" in the Don Bosco cafeteria (Amici) which was actually near where my office was. He's got a whole package stashed in his clinic and he gave me two scoops as a treat daw... like a lollipop for adults, he said :) Aww, sweet! He was just gushing about how good the gelatos were so he had me taste the chocolate with pistachio nuts (since I told him I liked ice cream with nuts) after my treatment, while we sat in his clinic to wrap up my visit. I didn't understand his skin regimen instructions anymore. I just nodded and nodded for I was distracted by how yummy the gelato was. There were nuts in every spoonful! Wowee! 'Luved it really! Funny, he said that I must not tell anyone coz he doesn't give gelato to all his patients ;)

So there. Yummy gelato in the name of vanity ;)

That pretty much cheered me up! Yebbah. I will see him again in a month's time. I do hope he's got gelatos stashed in his clinic again! ;)