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Thursday, May 27, 2004


Slim chance that someone who listens to Norah Jones, Josh Groban and Michael Buble will go to a Linkin Park gig with me, right?! Even if I paid for his tickets, I don't think I can ever drag someone like him to a moshpit ;P

Gaaah. Nevermind.


Hail Parokya ni Edgar! Finally, a genuinely nice song... not some novelty/faddish song. I first heard it at RX, now I'm hearing it at Magic. YOUR SONG. Love it, love it. It's my new fave OPM :) Another lesser known love song of PNE that I sooo luv is "TATLONG ARAW". It's an old, old song... waaaay back in my college days. This song was what made me like them.


*warning: skip this if you're eating or if you're too squeamish*

We just had our company's annual physical check-up last Saturday and I meant to post this thought here:

Who's job is it to check out all our *literal* crap (read: poop and pee) under the microscope or somethin? Med techs? Anyway, I pity those poor guys. Imagine, being in front of literal sh*t all day?! Well at least when you ask them how they are, they can actually say that "life is sh*tty." *teehee*

And some people, helloooo... it sez on the guidelines that thou shall give only THUMBNAIL size poopies. C'mon, don't give the poor folks a shock with your *DA BOMB* stool samples and a garapon-ful of weewee! Have a heart!!!


I just read Hogi's post about Friendster testimonials. Here's what I wrote on her comments page:

i sooo agree with this! i find it super ANNOYING to the nth power how some people (who apparently don't have a life! ;P) SPAM my bulletin board with "testi ko pls." messages. i mean, i strongly believe that testi's should be freely given, not begged from/forced out of a person.

oh, but ako naman nahihiya minsan, i "feel" obligated to make testi's for people who willingly made me one

I think it's such poor taste to "beg" for a testimonial via the bulletin board. It's soooo friggin' annoying, I swear! Me, so far, I only asked for testimonials from my uber-close friends (ermmm, which remiiiinds me... Mitzi?! Virgin Charo?! Yooohooo. Hahahahaha! ;P).

As to receiving "unsolicited" testimonials, I am touched... especially if I haven't even done a testimonial for the said person. In such cases, making a testimonial for that person is on my "To Do" list. Though I don't get to do it ASAP, I will definitely do it one day when I have more free time. I just think it's proper netiquette to return such favors.

Now for those "Add As A Friend" requests... I rarely approve requests of strangers to add me. Sometimes you get sick perverts on Friendster so I check their profile first. If their profile and friends list looks virtually like a sex page or something, of course I do not approve the request.

I just wish some people would have the netiquette to at least message you or something if they're a complete stranger and they want to add you.


I was supposed to post this thought when I first saw the video of Balisong by Rivermaya about 2 weeks ago...

Grrr. I am annoyed coz I think Rico Blanco is copying my dear Boydie >:( The skinny look, the overgrown wavy hair, the white shirt (was that white? anyway...) and jeans, the posture. Kainis! It's like he copied Brandon Boyd in the Wish You Were Here and Drive video.

Gaaah. Please don't desecrate my Boydie :(


I just got a report from work re: upcoming movies. Here are the ones that I am excited to see:

Meet the Fockers (Dec 2004)(I super-loved Meet The Parents! Ben Stiller cracks me up! I can't wait for this one!)
Mission Impossible 3 (May 2005)
Memoirs of a Geisha (2005-TBA) (I've been hearing raves about this book so I'm very curious to see it...)
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (Jan 2005)
The Ring 2 (Nov 2004)
X-Men 3 (May 2006)
Star Wars: Episode 3 (May 2005)
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (Nov 2005)
Miss Congeniality 2 (Mar 2005)
Exorcist: The Beginning (Aug 2004)


I'm pathetic. Haha. I am reading the book "In The Meantime" by Iyanla Vanzant that my officemate lent me like 3 weeks ago. I am still on page 70 of 326 and I am still in the friggin' basement :( But I sooo wanna finish the book. It seems, uhhh, therapeutic to read it. It should be good for me ;)