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Friday, May 28, 2004

~*SHREK 2!*~

Saw Shrek 2 yesterday with Bianx, Jeco, Rico and Vic (plus her date) at G4. Twas an unplanned thing, Vic just made yaya to us coz she was going out on a 2nd date with the dude and she wanted us to accompany her.

I luv it, i luv it! It's funnier than Shrek 1. Eddie Murphy's Donkey character is uber-funny like before. I was LMFAO over Donkey's lines!:D And my new fave: Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots!

*Awww.* Sooo cute!!! Who can resist those cutesy, pa-awa-effect eyes?

Fave scenes: Donkey's "Are we there yet?" scene (i sooo luvd this one!); Pinocchio and his red thongs; Donkey turning into a stallion; Poor Pinocchio turning into a boy and then turning back into a wooden puppet again; Donkey and Dragon's baby freaks; the fairy god mother singing that "I Need a Hero" song; the Prince Charming and his glittery lip gloss; Puss in Boots making super pa-cute to Shrek and to the castle guards in another scene.

The movie was done around 10ish pm. Haven't eaten dinner yet so we decided to eat on the way home. We were in two cars, on convoy on the way to the South... Bianx and Rico in Bianx's car and then me and Jeco in his car. I thought that Bianx was gonna be the one to take me home since she's from Alabang. We were just kidding when we were telling Jeco that he's supposed to bring me home. Coz he's like from the far far away land of Antipolo (Sybs, taga-bundok nyo ;P). We ate at Brothers Burger at Alabang first and hung around there til 12-ish. Man, it amuses me when some people get surprised(?)/amused(?) when they find out that I have a sumkinda bastos side. Wahahaha. Me and my dirty mind! (Abbie and the rest of my dear Forces gals, they say I look innocent?! Bwahaha! I am sooo amused. Do I really look like I'mma good guuurl? Hahaha!) I think I just shattered my wholesome image with a coupla words I said. *teehee*

So anyway, Bianx left her car first at Bellevue Alabang and then we all rode Jeco's car. Dropped off Rico at Zapote road and then Jeco and Bianx brought me home. Grabeh, no kidding ha, San Pedro is sooo layoooo from Antipolo... gaah, the dude had to drive back home and to think I got home around 1-ish already. Ang bait, grabe.


Yebbah. All 14 of us in the office will watch Harry Potter next Friday. Rico and Ge bought our tickets already. Grabe, OA the line for Harry Potter tickets ha. (Uyyy, si Abbie, excited na over HP!)


Gaaah. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Oh but I actually luvvv it. Gaaah. Laboh, mhen.


I heard a guy-theory. Gaah. Then I am soooo dead and busted (I think).




Abbie eXcites said...

Ei! What with that unfinished sentences up up there? Hmmmm? I think someone likes you! Should I post it here? To quote you: teeheehee!


You?! Bastos? Well...wouldn't call you one. More like bitchy yet/but nice (like moi?). Haha!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

abbie *quiet* ;)

hmmm, bitchy but nice... i like that! very true! ;P