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Sunday, May 16, 2004


Twas like a WOW Philippines thingie. Bianx, Vic and I spent the weekend at Alabang... Saturday til Sunday. The purpose was to show Vic around this side of Manila. She's from Mandaluyong and she was so curious about Vivere so Bianx proposed the idea of spending the weekend in Alabang and showing Vic around...

Destination 1: Festival Mall

Before checking in, we ate lunch at Festival Mall and then went shoe-shopping and pearls-shopping. Majorly damaged my credit card from buying two slip-ons. Bought pink pearls with silver charms: unicorn (aww, I've been fascinated with how elegant the unicorn looks like so the moment I saw the unicorn charm I said I HAD to buy that charm bracelet). The other charms: a butterfly (another favorite girly thing!), a heart and a round intricate silverwork thingie.

Destination 2: The Bellevue Manila

Bianx's bro works here so we got quite a nice deal on the room. We had our overnight stay here. We were supposed to swim in their infinity pool but there were lotsa peeps. We decided to crash into Bianx's tita's house which had a pool.

Destination 3: Ayala Alabang

Bianx's tita's house was in nearby Ayala Alabang. We had the pool for ourselves! Yebbah. We took pictures by the pool. Twas in Vic's digicam... will probably get it on my email tomorrow... will post 'em when I have 'em.

Destination 4: The Palms Country Club

This was in some remote location but still within the Madrigal Business Park area. Had dinner there. Forgot the name of the resto... Asiana or something?

Destination 5: Four Corners, Festival Mall

This bar is owned by Bianx's cousin. Had the first round of complimentary popcorn and then another plate of popcorn together with a pitcher of sangria. Talked about our respective lovelife here. The theory that you only have that ONE GREAT LOVE in a lifetime. Gaaah. I think I know who mine is.

Destination 6: Vivere Suites rooftop

Capped off the night here with some more drinks and talk and celfone cam snapshots... I had Baileys with cherry.

This was the view from where I sat. That's Bellevue on the right...

Haha. When you look at the other side of Vivere's rooftop, you'll see the unglamorous, uninspiring building of... tadaaaa: Liana's Supermarket! Wahaha.

Me and my Vivere rooftop view...

We went back to our room at Bellevue around 1am. Here we are... more like sleepy than drunk... Yes, we took pictures right outside our room's door.

Pretty sleepy...

In our room, we all plopped onto the big bed. Twas Bianx who took my pa-cute pictures...

Yeah baby.

Destination 7: Conti's, BF Homes, Paranaque

We ate brunch here. The place was packed by 12 noon. Their Mango Bravo dessert was ooh-la-la good!

Destination 8: Alabang Town Center

Went window shopping for shoes, two-piece swimsuits, lingerie, bags, make-up brush at Rustans. Went make-up shopping at Beauty Bar. Well, I'm not a big fan of make-up so I was pretty much sleepy hanging around there while the two make-up gurus looked into Bloom and stuff ;)

Got home around 4pm Sunday.

So there. It was the most out-of-the-ordinary weekend I ever had. And to think my house is just 30 minutes away from Alabang. Oh but we missed going pirated-DVD shopping at Metropolis. Haha!


Abbie eXcites said...

Aha! While I'm havin my freakin' finger operation YOU are out having fun! Some friend! Haha! Since I'll be staying home for quite some time, better lend me your mushy Felicity vid collection! :) Nice weekend you have, girl! I should've been in Bataan frolicking with my office buddies, hay! :( *Geez! I'm typing this with my left hand and lone right finger*

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

well, yeah, while u were havin ur freakin' finger operated, i was having a freakin' good time in alabang :p hahaha! oh but dearie, i sympathized naman when u called me ah ;) hehehe

drop by my house sometime, i have loads of DVDs you can borrow. ;)

Anonymous said...

HAH! Some friend! I was partly disabled and you are asking me to get the DVDs at YOUR place?! Huuwat?! Haha! Yeah, you symphatized...with matching reminder of asking HIM to the next movie date we are going to have. Haha! Anyway, I have a suggestion, tell him I'm injured and asked him to accompany you here to visit poor little me! :) Ask Charo and Jako para Ms. Smooth ka! Oh! Don't forget Felicity, huh?! There! Everyone's happy!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ahaha! *toinks self* my bad! fine, fine, I'll find a way to get the DVDs to you. But man, I can't ask HIM to accompany me to your place. *eeek* I can't do that style bulok thing :( i'm too much of a sissy!

are you on terminal leave fr honda already?

Abbie eXcites said...

Nah! Honda will not allow me even if I have terminal illness. Be back by Friday, I guess. I'll be there till the 11th of June. :) Ask him, ask him! Or ask Jako to do the dirty work. Ahahaa!