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Sunday, May 02, 2004


Like a Cannonball!

Whoa. Robbie Rosa is alive! I was watching MTV the other day... lo and behold, who shall I see? Robbie Rosa!!! Bleech! Yuuuuck. Ewww. I don't know what got into me when I was 10 years old. Hmm, what did I like in him? Hmm. I cannot, for the life of me, remember why. So anyway, he used to be my fave Menudo guy... What a trip! Okay lemme remember their names... So there's Robbie Rosa (the one with a gap on his teeth and high cheekbones), Charles Macchio (the curly-haired guy), Ricky Martin (the youngest of 'em back then), Roy (basta, I remember he's the ugliest Menudo dude)... I think I'm missing one more name. 'Really can't remember anymore.

Strains of "Explosion" is humming in my mind. Hahaha. Our boys danced to the tune of that song in our 80's era presentation last Christmas Party.

Like an explosion (my love for you...)

Gaaah. Robbie Rosa sounded like an uncircumcised boy back then. Super sickeningly high-pitched. I dunno what he's up to now that he's back. It's appalling to see him make a lame attempt at being the next Rocky Martin success story. Well, I may be speaking too soon, but I dunno if his music will fly this time. Hmmm. The return of Menudo... Gaaah. Very disturbing thought. NOooooooo.


Political Ads...

Annoying political jingle: Ja-ja-ja-Jamby! Grrrr.
WTF?! : Now what the fudge is Miriam doing in that ad? Praying like she's oh-so-damn holy.
Another WTF?! : FPJ: I Like! Whaaatdaaaa?! Why screw up that cool MTV copy?! It's such a freakin' lame attempt at getting the MTV generation to vote for him. What a stupid idea.
What a copycat: Was that a Ping Lacson ad ripping off the popular Coke Ko 'To thingiemajig? Did he get the permission of Coke to copy that? Moreso, did he "buy" the idea from the ad agency who conceptualized that table-slammin' fist pumpin' fad?


Do You Yahoo?

I'm now using the Yahoo Messenger BETA version. It rocks but I am worried about it being a beta version. It means there may still be bugs and issues to address. I like the slick modern look of the skin, the image display thing, the avatar, the stealth mode (haven't tried it out though) , and the cooler emoticons a.k.a. smileys.

My YM pretty much got screwed up last night though when I unistalled some elements of the YM beta. Had to friggin' re-install the old version and then download the beta version again. Took a lot of friggin' time. Grrr.

Oh but it's working now. It's all goood.


Spankin' New Webbie Look...

I have uploaded the revamped version of my website today. I haven't gone through all the uploaded pages though... which means there might be some tiny red "x" marks here and there where a jpeg should have been. Gaaah. There's this one shockwave flash thingie that is not working and I don't freakin' know why. Why oh why oh why?

Oh well. I'll "proof-read" all the online pages some other time. I'm too carpal tunnel-ish now.

Crap. I'm supposed to be watching the Mossimo thing of DJ Myke airing at RPN 9 right now.

Okay, gotta go ogle at those six-packs...