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Sunday, May 09, 2004


Since Tin (the Sex Goddess from Beijing, with love *haha*) was here for a vacation, we gals went out yesterday. The plan was that we were to eat dinner in Makati and then go dancing in Temple or in Vodka Ice.

5:00PM - Twas friggin' raining hard. I texted Tin: "WTF?! It's raining! Argh. It's the Forces of Nature curse!"

Shetters. It somehow almost never fails. Something always happens when we plan a gimmick. It rains hard (like yesterday), somebody gets sick, the LRT gets bombed... stuff like that happens. Ahh yes, that's why we call ourselves the Forces of Nature gals-- after the Ben Affleck/Sandra Bullock movie.

So anyway, at 5:30PM Tin and I drove to Makati to meet up with Charo and Jamie (whom we haven't seen for the longest time!). Abbie was still in Tagaytay with her family while She was still in school. They were supposed to come to Makati and follow us at Cena for dinner. Well, the four of us ended up devouring all the food ourselves.

Tin (the Sex Goddess) & Jamie (Kate Moss na Kate Moss na ang dating, kulang na lang sa height!), me (sige na nga, Groupie Queen, sabi mo eh, Abbie!:P) & (The Virgin) Charo.

'Turned out that She was stranded in Binan because of the rain and Abbie (the "12 yrs old" 25 yrs old gal *teehee*) was not allowed by her strict parents to go to Makati anymore. *Abbie, STRIKE TWO!* hehehe. So we decided to go to Alabang and meet up with She and Abbie there.

It was 12ish midnight already when the two beauties got to Starbucks ATC. Aww, we're touched! The gals commuted to get to ATC and meet us. Sorry Abbie, I know it was rude of me to LOL but hey, I could just imagine you and your gigantic pearls and mahhhvelous shawl telling the jeepney driver "Mama, para na on the side." Ahh, the gals were just too pretty to commute but they survived it! Woohoo!

She (The Alleged Druggie) and her sexy top. Abbie (Her Royal Highness) and her gigantic pearls plus pink shawl!

We were supposed to go to Comedy Club in Las Pinas but decided to skip it since it was past midnight already. Instead, we went to the rooftop of Vivere Suites. There's a nice place there where you can dine al fresco, looking up you'll see the stars and looking down you'll see the city lights. Beside us was this inviting swimming pool. Man, it was so nice up there! We had our drinks there. Yum, Charo and I had the Mudslide (a mix of Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, ice cream and choco syrup).

A picture-happy bunch, we were! We used Abbie's and my fone's camera...

We took snapshots inside the elevator and the ladies room ;)

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the candle lamp thingie that was the centerpiece of our table. Pretty glows of light!

2:30AM - On the way back home, we went to Starbucks Petron. *waaah, memories, memories :(* And yes, we took pictures again!

1) She & Tin *wee, Tin, hindi halata your zits! :) yey! no need to adobe photoshop it!*. 2) Charo ponders the meaning of life. Tin ponders on the ridiculous cost of Starbucks coffee. 3) She and her loop earrings. Abbie and her gigantic pearls. Me and my multi-looped earrings. * waah, mine's not too kita, grr. anyways, I love this shot!*

Woohoo. I got home at 4AM. Imagine that, Tin! I was with you for like more than 10 hours! :P

Oh, oh! 'Must not forget! Blooper quote of the night was: "What comes around, goes around!" Shetters. Kung ganyan ba naman ang sabihin sayo ng umaaway sayo... hay, ewan na lang. Laugh it off Abbie. You should've told her: "Oooh, I'm so scared of your grammatical error, girl. Trembling, even!" Shetters. Mamaya makarma ako nito and masabi ko 'to the next time I use the expression. Yikes.

Mitzi and Ivy, we spent around P1,200 for dinner at Cena. Another thousand more at Vivere for drinks. And about 500 pesosesoses at Starbucks. We'll send the bill over to you, girls! Hahaha! Yan ang share nyo!

*mwah gals!*

Ahh, that was fun! :)