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Sunday, May 23, 2004


To those who have seen the movie Troy (whether or not for the sole reason of seeing Brad Pitt's butt...): Doesn't he look so Adonis-like or what?

Yeah baby! Brad Pwet, uhh, Pitt rocks!;) Hmm. How old is he now? He still has a nice bod, grabe. With that golden bronze skin going on, golden blonde messy hair and uhh, (how many was that?) naked scenes of his... It was a freakin' long movie but I was pretty much kept alert with all that butt-showing of his. Hay. Lucky, lucky Jennifer Aniston.

Swear, in that one scene wherein he was in the tent with the cousin of Hector (right after the very first battle)... when he was washing his face and then he just undressed in front of her... I was like, "whoa. hmmm..." I swear, I found myself leaning forward on my seat and sorta peering below the silverscreen. Yeah. Like as if naman may masisilip pa way beyond the film frame! Haha! The "manyak" me unleashed!

So anyway, it was a good film in general.

I was surprised with how toned Orlando Bloom's bod was. I thought he was just a puny lil girly elf with long blonde hair fit for a shampoo ad:P But nevertheless, whether I am watching him on Pirates of the Caribbean or on Troy, he is still kick-ass archer Legolas to me. Man, he was such a sissy as Paris during that duel with that King. That cowardly, crawling scene he did... hay, kasi naman, the sword and spear and stuff were too heavy for girly Legolas. Mag-pana na lang kasi sya eh. Mas winner pa yun. So anyway, he did use the bow and arrow to kill poor Achilles. Hay, kasi naman the mom of Achilles (am I getting my Greek mythology right?)... hello?! Bakit kasi hindi di-nip pati the gorgeous heel of Achilles?! Grrr. And Helen... hay, lalandi-landi kasi eh! *tsk, tsk* The face that launched a thousand ships... (Oh but hey, come to think of it, my name's origin is from "Helen". But as for me, I think I launched a thousand love life disasters instead. haha!;P) Hmm, the actress looked disturbingly like Helen Hunt/Leelee Sobieski. Yuck, sooo NOT Greek goddess material!

As for Eric Bana who played Hector, I really liked his performance and his character. Very moving portrayal. Hmm, he didn't have a nude scene. Sadness. To quote Ala's take on Eric Bana's portrayal: "And Eric Bana certainly redeemed himself from his big Hulking mistake." Haha. I like that comment of hers.

One scene unexpectedly made me teary-eyed... this little scene wherein the warriors of Sparta were resting together at night. So they were just hanging around... and this warrior was carving out a horse/lion (can't remember what animal it was) figure out of wood. His fellow warrior (if I remember it right, I think it was that loyal warrior of Achilles...) who sat beside him was looking onto what he was doing. And this father/warrior says: "For my son...", explaining for whom it was for. It was a heart-wrenching little scene. It makes you remember Hector doing the same thing in the earlier part of the movie... the wooden toy he carved by himself was his "pasalubong" to his baby. Aww. My heart hurt a bit when I saw that warrior dude scene.

I liked the way Brad's character Achilles did those almost-flying fight scenes. So smooth and Matrix-ish. Like, he just glides in mid-air and then *tsuk* somebody's dead in a blink of an eye. Kewlness.

The war scenes were reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. It's like watching the LOTR battles all over again sans the scary-looking beast army of Saruman. Oh plus that dude who was in LOTR1.... the one who died in Aragorn's arms, whatshisname...Boromir! Sean Bean! Anyway, he played Odysseus here so I was like "Hmmm, I know you! You died in LOTR!" hehe.

Hmm. Too much LOTR swirling in my mind--along with Brad's bronze butt.


Anonymous said...

I SO AGREE WITH YOU. brad brad braaaaaaaaaaad rocks my world!!!!! (i have my own entry on this movie... and my subject-title says it all. hahaha)

the scene that made me cry was when priam asked for hector's body... *tear*


~*lilacstardust*~ said...

haha! oh yeah! i just saw your post on Troy yesterday... Yebbah! Brad IS a god. ;)