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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Had a blast in last night's fun, fun, fun EB at Teena's place (Valle Verde 5). Met newbies (arghh, I can't remember all of their names... man, I am soooo bad with names...) and then spent the whole night being kooky and everything :)

The AKAkada babes! woohoo!

We started off with the awarding ceremony (with sashes for the awardees! haha!). Hehe, I got the "Resident Photographer" award. Pinangatawanan ang pagiging taga-Kodak! *teehee*

The AKAkada awardees (uhhh some of the titles I'm not so super sure exactly...): Tere (Doktora Tere ng Bayan), Sarah (AKAnalyzer), TitoDaddy Kiko- the dad of Reubs (Daddy Groovy).

The AKAfellas' awards were: Smiley Spongebob Ikey, Khembot Rhed (take note of the "H", hahaha!), Soap Opera King Reuben, Melismatic Karl, Huggable Bear Robi, Alien Myke, Mr. Body Shop Paulo, Mr. Suave Roger and... Windang Manager Franco! :P

Franco *looking a bit "lost"*: "Uhh, guys, what's windang?"

After the snapshots above, I basically lived up to the title and took photos of everyone. Here are my faves... ahhh the fellas were so game all throughout the night :P Si Reubs, mega-pose as always... Si Myke, I swear, the way he made his sash into a pretty bow, hay, alien lang talaga makakaisip na gawin yun ;P

We had this game wherein we had to translate the English AKAfellas song into Tagalog and vise-versa. I was grouped with DJ Myke and Karl, plus Leslie and Richel. We got HARANA. Syemps, Myke was a riot with the crazy translation! It went something like this ('couldn't remember the exact translation anymore...):

The tree is heaven of the stars
(Puno ang langit ng bituin)
And the breeze at freezing point
(At kay lamig pa ng hangin)
With your first glance I am getting psychotic, my love
(Sa 'yong tingin ako'y nababaliw, giliw)
And in this very song of mine, I hope you like it
(At sa awitin kong ito, sana'y maibigan mo)
I will pour my whole cardiovascular system
(Ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko)
In this microscopic serenade just for you...
(Sa isang munting harana, para sa yo...)

Other "lost in translations" for the night:

Pau's Mr. Suave:

Ako si Mr. Suave, Oooh, grabe = I am Mr. Suave (pronounced in English), Oooh gosh!

Robi's Bongga Ka Day:

Hala! = Oh no!
Bongga ka day! = Maid you're so great!
Sige lang, sige lang = Go on, go on
Itaas ang kilay = Raise your eyebrows

Ang gulo-- I swear!!! Red indulged us with his ever-famous kembot and body wave moves. Grabe he was sooo enjoying dancing! Roger sang with a high-pitch! Myke did his famous straddle jump ("Aray. Masakit!" daw) and Reubs imitated it after a coupla pa-cute poses for my camera. And then Robi made this thank you speech on behalf of the Akafellas (sya daw yung other half ;P). He was saying in a certain part of his speech something like "we owe you our lives/we offer our lives to you.." and Myke goes something like: "Oh?! Isugal ba pati buhay namin? Sayo lang noh." And of course, let's not forget Sarah's anti-climactic ringing tone :D

It was such a blast. We had potluck (the Red Ribbon empanadas I brought were wiped out by the guys. Pagkita ko isa na lang natira!). As usual, Reubs was pretty much the life of the party coz he was very very game in all the activities we did. Awww, Robi hugged all of us to death as usual ;) *huggy-wuggy robiiiiii*

I pretty much wasn't in the pictures in my digicam coz I was snapping the shots. I've probably got more pics on Tere's and Teena's cam. So anyway, I just had to have a pic with some of the guys dba so uhhh hmm, I made kuhit kay Pau and Red ;P Hay. Pau's hair looks better when gelled up.

Oh, and Franco managed to drop by, as in dropped by for like 10 minutes right before the guys left.

Such a great non-gig interaction with everyone :)...