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Thursday, April 15, 2004


I am 28% evil.

I try to stay away from evil deeds but succumb to temptation every once in a while. I'm not quite on my way to hell but I certainly have some explaining to do.

Are you evil? find out at

Okaaaay. And to think I was expecting to get something like at least 40% evil! *bwahaha*


Aww. My guy boss was so sweet today... he cooked lotsa callos over the weekend and then he brought us one big tupperware of callos for lunch! All four of us shared it for lunch. Mmmm. He makes a pretty damn good callos. Gaaah. Sinfully unhealthy, I know! But heck, it was so deeleesh so who cares about cholesterol?


Saw MXY Presents INCUBUS when I got home around 9pm. Oooh, Brandon Boyd is sooo hottt. *more mind-molesting...hahaha!* Jose got a bit chubby so he was not as cute as before. And Mike Einziger!!! Awww, he's so, uhmm, fuzzy-wuzzy... he looks like an adorable troll.

Gaaah. Can I just say... I just wanna boink the head of that super arte VJ Karell (whatever the spelling is). Gaaah. VJ Heart and Karell is just so.. ughhh... disgustingly TRYING to be cute. And hello??? Mag gush lang daw ba forever si Karell while the Incubus Press Con was going on behind her? Yes, the whole universe knows that Boydie is hot but hellooo, you are a VJ, you are supposed to say smart, relevant, comprehensible stuff when you're "annotating" an event on air. Gaaah, a valley girl airhead!

Oh and Heart? Yes, I think she's pretty but yuck, all the while she is trying to project this wholesome, pa-tweetums image... but helloooo, somebody took her pics in this bar... this was after the Incubus gig... and OMG, she looked like she was drunk and was openly and heavily making out with her boyfriend. (Hey Abbie, the guy's from Sta. Rosa daw???) For pete's sake, get a room!

Okay. That was my bitchy gossip for the day.


Arghhh. I just caught a view of this drama on TV when I just got home. Yuuuuck. Of all the people I'll see, I saw Angelica dela Cruz. Ewwww. She looks like an annoying female version of Astroboy. She also looks like a sickeningly *trying to be* sweet version of Tweety.

Ok, while we're on celebrity look-alikes... Pia Guanio disturbingly looks like Stuart Little.


You know what I find annoying? This guy on my friendster who *pathetically* keeps posting "Pahingi ng testi" like every other day. I mean, yes, it would sure be nice to get nice testimonials, but to pathetically beg for it almost every day and SPAM my friggin' bulletin board?!? Gaaah. C'mon, get a life dude!

Hmm. I can't freakin' delete him coz he's a cousin of mine. Grrr.


Hmm. Some people just don't know proper email etiquette. I mean, isn't it annoying to get a forwarded email where aaaaalll the previous "To-From" lines are still on the email body? I am not interested to see how far the email has "travelled" online so can people just delete all the "to-from" lines/ original path thingiemajigs and just spare me the agony of scrolling for a good 30 secs. before I actually read that lame thing you sent me?

And for pete's sake, save your friends from spam by using blind carbon copy (bcc:) instead of broadcasting everyone's email address on the "to:" and "cc:" line!

Oh and another thing... use your common sense when hitting the "Reply" and the "Reply to All" button!!! I mean, what do I care about your friggin' shirt size?!? I don't friggin' care what your shirt size is. In fact, noooobooody cares about your friggin' shirt size!!! You only have to reply to our team captain who asked you about it. The rest of the team doesn't give a damn if you are S, M, L, or XL. It's simple--if I am not at all concerned about it or if I will not be affected by what you are saying in any direct, drastic way, chances are-- I don't friggin' care about it!!! So do not spam my email with your stupid reply to all.

Friggin' simple, right?

Okaaay. That was the annoyed yahooligan/lotus notes user talking.


I hate it when people rant out loud when everyone already knows that something actually sucks.

So I was falling in line for the shuttle to home... The dispatcher dude didn't want us to ride the idle Urvan parked on the terminal because of some stupid reason. So anyway, most of us who were in line were already pissed off. It was pretty hot, we have been standing & falling in line for a long time, ergo, the pissed off commuters. So I was quietly cursing like hell in my mind while this lady behind me was "tsk"-ing and ranting loudly. I ignored her but in my mind I was yelling at her "Shut up, lady!". I just hate people who complain out loud when we all very well know that it IS bleepin' sh*tty already. I mean, it agitates me even more. "So shut the f*** uuuuuup!!!"

And then, so were in the process of sitting ourselves in the van... and this same lady complains loudly again about her being seated at the back. Gaaah. In my mind: "Grrr. Will you just shut up and take your seat?!? If you don't want to sit there then get the hell out of this van! Grrrr." or... "Grrr, can you just stop complaining. SHADDDDAP!!!" Gaaah. Stupid whiny a**.

Gaaah. I was a pissed commuter today.