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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

~*DISH GIG (again!)*~

After a long hiatus from the akafellas gig scene, I watched them again at feels-like-home Dish Powerplant last night. I managed to drag along 3 of my officemates who actually wanted to have a girls' night-out since Tues. was the last working day of the week. Eh I said I had a gig to attend, so therefore, why not join me (so that finally they could understand what's my big fuss over the fellas...)? They agreed. So basically, I got kinda nervous for the guys -- will them newbies like the fellas or not? It was especially hard coz their general idea of the guys is that they sang Bongga Ka Day. That's it. And they find Bongga a bit annoying. So I told Robi, "You guys better debunk the Bongga Ka myth and impress 'em!"

Well, my tension went away when I saw them being quite amused by Karl's melismatic singing. Comment on Reuben: PERFORMER daw talaga ha. Well, one can't help but notice his super give-to-the-max grooving. At aba, ang PauloNav, bumenta! They liked his suave, smooth singing style. Sexy daw. Naks. I now finally get why the girls are sooo charmed by Pau's singing ... super mega delayed reaction ba?*teehee* Strange though, coz usually, newbies would rave over Myke. But since Myke was a bit spaced out last night and what with his way too long segue to his pingpong thingymajig, errmmm, nainip na my officemates. Seriously, he looked a bit off last night. He wasn't even blinking at all so they were asking me if he was drugged or somethin'. And waah, Myke looks way too thin for me now! I like his pre-Mossimo body better! Now even his cheeks are sunken na. He's not even buff-looking at all, although I'm sure the 6-pack is still there. My officemates even said na mas pang Mossimo pa daw yung bod ni Reuben! (Now THAT's a thought! Hmmm. Pwede, pwede...) Well anyway, they heartily laughed over Robi and Myke's comic spiels. Generally speaking, they were wowed by the fellas! I once told this officemate of mine that a "cure" for her depression would be to watch an akafellas gig coz that's how I became happy last year during my hellish depressing love life. So last night, she said naman na sumaya naman daw sya from watching the guys. Yey!

Teehee, I just remembered some more kwento after I read Hogi's blog: So Robi was doing a segue na for Bongga Ka Day... I realized that they were gonna sing that and at the same time, Bianx (my perky officemate) also realized that they were indeed about to sing Bongga. Funny, coz sabay kaming immediately napasabi ng: "NOoOoOo...". And ackkk, apparently, our violent reaction was quite loud (disclaimer: si Bianx yung malakas na nag-no, hindi akoooo! ehehehe;) ) that Pau and Robi reacted too! Ahahaha! They decided to "delay" our agony and sang something else muna. Ehehehe.

Awww. I was happy last night ;) I got hugz, hugz, hugz and kisses from everyone... from Hogi, Sybs, Peachy when they arrived... from huggy-wuggy Robi who really appreciated the stuff that I gave him and the rest of the guys last night. "Wow, no one has ever done this for us! I'm touched!". Si Reubs "Wow, photo paper pa!" And he asked how I did the carpal tunnel font thingie. Hehe. Ikey was also sweet. Si Myke, ayun, spaced out "Yeah, thank you ha. Ah, ano ba yun?" Wahaha.

Yey, finally managed to have a NEW pic with PauloNav. Gaah. My last pic taken with him was waaaay back in Philharmonic Guess gig last year. Whoa, I luvvvv the brown hair of Reubs! It looked great on him. I want to have that shade of brown! I want! I want! Aww, and I finally saw Huggy-wuggy Robi again. *Weee* Enuf said ;)

TOP: Me and my officemates: Vic, Sherlz, Bianx.
BOTTOM: Charo and her friend Bryce (who likes Robi, yihee.)

With my fave fellas Reubs and Robi!

With Hogi and Robi :)

Finally, a new pic with Pau! ;)