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Thursday, April 22, 2004


I just got my new phone about an hour ago. Ahhh, my coveted Nokia 6230!!! Yey!!!! Hmm, so I tried it out and fiddled with it. Okaaaay, this is gonna take some time to get used to. My current phone is the primitive Nokia 3510 so, uhhh, I am not used to the MMS, camera, etc thingiemajigs yet. Oh fudge.

I wanna start using it alreaddddyyyyyy! But, there are still some stuff to do before it's all ready for use:

1. Activate the GPRS/WAP thing
2. Enable the MMS thing
3. Buy the connectivity cable or an infrared thingie or a bluetooth thingie for my PC. (holy crap, the thing's expensive! grrr.)
4. Install the PC Suite and drivers and stuff.
5. Transfer all the freakin' data on my old phonebook to this new one. Hmmm, I think I can do that easily with the PC Suite but I would need that freakin cable/infrared to transfer data fr my PC to phone and vise-versa.
6. Prepare those customized ringtones ripped from my mp3s. Man, this will take quite some time. Gaah.
7. Get those pix for the phone's wallpaper.
8. Rip my fave mp3s to 96Kbps in order to have a smaller file size which will save me some space on the MMC.
9. Finally, learn how to work the damn hi-tech phone. I am a "manual person" therefore, I will read the stupid manual.

Did I forget something?*wonders*

I am sooo booked this weekend (and next week!) and I tend to be sooo sleepy at night (and I do a lot of online stuff...) that I don't think I can have my new phone up and running by Monday :(

Oh well.

*happy*happy*joy*joy* :)