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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

~*HMP, HMP*~

Haaaay nakuuuu. Grrrr. Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh. Hmp, hmp. That's why there's such a thing as BIRTHDAY LEAVE!!! ... So you won't have to be majorly pissed off by work-related stuff (customer complaints, "slow" (read: stupid) maintenance people, and all other sorts of everyday crap that Murphy's law dictates). Gaaah. I had to work today coz my team is out of the country having their Asean Sales Conference. I had to babysit all our whiny showbiz/commercial customers. Anyway, a coupla minutes more before I get off work. Juuuust a little more sacrifice....

Oh well, anyway, I was pretty much cheered up by the AKAkada greeting me via Robi over at Wave this afternoon (I was like, waaaitaminute... did I just hear my name on air?!). Yey!!!:) And I think it was Jimmy Bondoc who joined Robi in his mini-birthday chant before he played If I Ain't Got You for me. I just put down the phone after talking to a client and I caught Robi (and Jimmy B?) saying Happy Birthday to me.

And oh, of course, my dear friends flooded my cellphone with birthday texts as early as 12ish am today ('woke me up, but it's all good!;) ). My friends (Tin/Ivy) who were residing in other countries sent me SMS. Mitzi posted her bday greeting on her Friendster Bulletin Board. And Abbie, by far you gave me the most unique form of greeting... (Magbigay-pugay ba daw sa kin sa bloggie;) hehehe!) My team from Singapore called me up during their break time from their sales con. Oh and of course that birthday thread that Hogi started on the message board! And as part of custom here in Kodak, they greeted me over the paging system. People greeted me during lunch at the cafeteria. The correct way to ask a lady is "How young are you?" and NOT "How old are you?". Kudos to that officemate who knew the proper way to greet me. AND DON'T FREAKIN' ASK ME IF I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! Gaaaah. For pete's sake (who IS Pete, anywaaaay?!) spare me the singleton's curse today!

I was pretty much happy to with people who sent me simple SMS messages... these people whom I didn't even expect to remember my birthday. Very touching.

But hmp. HE and (the other) HE hasn't greeted me yet. Oh well. Kainis. But... whatever.