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Friday, April 30, 2004


Hay. I swear. I was sooo brain-dead today. I got home from last night's Bagaberde gig at about 3:15 am. Winner. Tapos I woke up at 6am to go to work. My YM status was "sumkinda brain-dead" ;P. Hmmm. Made lil booboos at work. Hay good thing my guy boss was pointing out to me the wrong names and stuff I've been writing to my email to Kodak Hong Kong. Wahaha. I am sooo gonna get myself fired (oh well NOT really! The words are just for dramatic effect...) if I go to work again as brain-dead as I was today. Hell, I am typing this and editing lotsa typos every other sec... and.... I am typing this feeling sleepy and spaced out but hey I waaaant to blog this now so whatdya care.

So why oh why am I brain dead? Holy cow I just spelled brain-dead as "brean dead" just now. I edited it of course. Gaah. My typing fingers are not working.

So I was not supposed to come to the Bagaberde gig of the 'fellas coz I had no idea how to get there and how to get home after. But anyway, since it was like Lucy-girl's b-day gig thang, I couldn't resist coming. I was like, bahala na kung pano ako uuwi. I was thinkin' of asking Robi if I could hitch back to the south with him but I was too shy to ask. So Teena asked him for me. It was totally no prob with Robi so A-OK, I had a ride home :) But man, that was the most freakin looong gig I've ever been too. Grrrr. Coz Aliya Parcs came in late so she started her set late and then she performed 2 sets straight while the guys had one more set to go (after her). Her double set lasted till like 1-ish am already. I could not freakin go home early coz Robi was my ride home nga. I was too scared to hail a random cab outside Bagaberde so I pretty much stayed on for the last set along with Teena and Ehra. Lucy, Peachy, Sarah and Mika went home before the 2nd set could start.

All the while we stayed at the band room, I pretty much realized how being such artists was quite taxing to the guys but hey, they awesomely pull it off. (If you saw them on stage during the 2nd set which started around 1am already, they still gave their 100%.) Red somewhat fell asleep sitting down, after eating dinner. Reubs was studying for school stuff the next day. Myke made a comfy bed out of three lined-up chairs.

There was an MTV plug shoot earlier in the night before their 1st set started. It was, I presume, for the Rock the Vote campaign thingie. Pau was squinting like anything coz he couldn't read the script that was being flashed in front of them. Myke didn't bother reading it at all coz I guess it was also hard to read from where he stood.

Hmm. Trivia for the day accdg. to Teena: the guys love kangkong.

They pretty much got fried by the low-hanging stage lights. Sweat galore. Tissue paper galore. Hmm. How many times have I used the phrase "pretty much" on this blog entry? Hay. I'm still brain-dead.

Oooh. New song at laaaast! "It's Over Now" by uhhh, 112, I think?

So after the show (finally, after 10 years...), back inside the band room I was telling Pau that his hair looks better if it's all gelled up rather than how he wore his hair that night gel-less. He went into a detailed explanation of how his bangs were too long to be gelled up and too short to be worn just down as is. Was making beso na to everyone to say goodbye. Hmm, never ever beso'ed Myke ever. Everyone but Myke. Ikey's face was still sweaty so we like had a virtual beso na lang. Oh and by the time I was saying goodbye to Reubs, his face was still awash with sweat so I made a squeamish face and said "aaack!" so he kissed na lang my cheeks. Sweat-free but not laway-free. ;) Ahhh so cute.

So anyway Pau pala was riding home with Robi coz they were both from Ayala Alabang. Pau asks me like what are my parents saying about me being out so late. "Ahh they don't care!" I joked. He asked how I usually go home. When I said I take those AVIS cabs, he said: "But doesn't that cost like a thousand or something?" I said not. And he goes into this concerned inquiry like if I know ba daw self-defense like karate, if I have tear gas or something. I replied "No" to all that he mentioned so he asks "So what do you do for protection or something?" "Oh I pray!", I replied.

So there was I, riding in a car (uhh was that a CRV or RAV? I can't remember anymore. Basta SUV sya...) with them boys. (Uhmm, Riding in Cars with Boys - Drew Barrymoore movie with Adam Garcia of Coyote Ugly fame. Oh but I digress... sorry...). So Pau goes: "So... where do you study?" and Robi interrupts, "Man, she's workin' already!" And I could imagine in the semi-darkness inside the SUV the look of disbelief in Pau's face. Haha. He thought I was just 17 or something. Coz I was mixing very well daw with sina Sybil. And the way I talk and the way I sound and the way I look daw. Hahaha. He was pretty much surprised that I was already 26 and older than him and Robi! So there, Animo La Salle! Woohoo! We're both La Sallites :)

Some conversations:

Pau: "Hey I like the photos you posted"
Me: "Which one?"
Pau: "The one at Teena's..."

Pau: "Do yo u know Photoshop?"
Me: "Yeah, that's what I do with your pictures before I post them. I remove your, uhhh, sweat stains and stuff."
Pau: "Oh! Thank you! Thank you!" *sounding really grateful ha*
Me: "Oh, but for the record, I never touched your photos... it's always just Reubs' ..."

Pau: "Can you like, remove my double chin?"
Robi: "Me too, me too!"
I said I dunno how to do that. Bka I might end up ruining the pic. Pau said I could use the smudge tool for that. I said it's the clone stamp which I always use with their pics.
Pau goes: "Oh yeah! Yeah! The clone stamp tool is cool/rocks!"
Me: "Yeah, it's a pretty cool tool.... the clone stamp tool roooocks!"
Robi: "The whaaat?"
Pau and Me: "THE CLONE STAMP TOOL!!!!"
*Then Pau goes into explaining what it is to Robi.*

I asked what were his plans after graduation. He said he might go and get a real job coz he can't get allowance off his parents anymore. Or maybe he might study some more.

Best gig place: The new Dish in The Loop daw. The sound system is great daw kasi.

Pau wants one of those professional digital SLRs like the one that was used daw during their album's photo shoot.

Robi likes Brandy's "Come a Little Bit Closer" song... nice harmony and stuff daw that sana they could do. I go: "Oh, so Brandy's still alive huh."

Robi is thinking of getting a place near Roger's or something coz it's getting pretty expensive for him going to work at Wave 89.1 all the way from Alabang. He tells Pau that he could bunk with him. One bed. Hahaha! Pau goes into a discourse of how Robi does whatever he wants with Pau (something to that effect), Pau complains that he's not a toy... But I said: "Ahhh, you're Robi's boytoy!" :P

Aww, it was such a fun ride home. I asked to be dropped off at the taxi stand in ATC. The two were like super mega concerned about me going home in a cab. Robi repeatedly said: "Text me when you get home" and I said "Uhhh, but our fone's sira diba?" Hmm, it's fixed na daw. So as in they super mega waited till I was inside and all settled in the cab before they mega-waved goodbye to me. Awww cute! :)