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Sunday, April 11, 2004



Abbie texted me this morning and told me that Jay R is on Phil. Star. today... a Ricky Lo article. Grrr. We don't have Phil Star here at home and I was too lazy to go out and buy one coz it was so bleepin' hot. I just remembered about it again now (11:30pm). I found the online version of the article: But alas, there was not a single yummy Jay R photo on the web page. Grrrr. Abbie said there was/were picture(s) of Jay R. ( *Oh Abbieeeeee... you said you'd email me a jpeg, right? pretty please? *bats eyelashes like crazy*)


What do you have that other singers don't?

"I think..." (Breaking into a wide smile) " American accent. There's a lot of very good singers here but very few have American accent."

*** Oooh yeah. He does sound extra-sexy with that Am-boy accent (sigh) ***

You could be a bold actor.

"Ay, hindi po!"

Why not? You have the body for it. If and when, what would make you drop your pants?

"None that I can think of."

*** DRAT!!!! Sayang!!!****

What if, ehem, the price is right?

"Price has nothing to do with it. But then..." (Adding with a laugh) "...I could get carried away in a scene and it just might happen. You know what could happen if your adrenaline is high."

***Oh yeah, baby! Now yer talkin'...***

Are you vain? Most good-looking guys are, you know.

"I'm an exception. No, I'm not vain at all."




Got a text from Tere around 10:30pm: "Psst. Gising ka pa? Watch MTV. NOW."

I quasi-fainted the moment I switched the channel to MTV. Gaaaah. HIS ROYAL HOTNESS was on MTV. It was MTV's AFTER SKOOL ROCKS which featured heavenly Brandon Boyd *triple sigh* and Mike Einzeger (teehee, I suddenly remembered the girls holding the BIG sign during the Incubus gig last March... it read: MIKE, YOU ARE OUR HOT DANCER -- an homage to an old Incu song "You Will Be A Hot Dancer" which I absolutely have no idea how it sounds like. Oh well... moving on...) Twas a hosting thingiemajig for After Skool Rocks. They talked about their vids and stuff. I'm not too sure though if it was taped here in the MTV Phils. studios or in MTV Singapore. Hmmm. I envy the lucky camera man whoever he is. I hope he's not bading though or he must have already mind-molested my dear Brandon.


Mike was talking about "music video suckdom" (hmm, "suckdom"... I like that term!). They were proud to say that they NEVER had a video wherein they played in a FAKE stage with a FAKE crowd who pretended to like them. It was just not them, accdg. to Boydie-dear. HAHA. There are indeed lotsa vids of pop rock bands with fake stage and fake groupies. I wonder if Blink 182's and Simple Plan's were REAL.... hmmm.

So basically, Tere and I were texting each other about how elated (ecstatic, even. I was in throes of palpitation...) we were feeling as we were watching yummy Brandon Boyd. There were some gushing, sighing, fainting and kissing of the TV screen... Ahhh, Brandon-blissssss. ;)

Grrrr. Tere, I checked both the MTV ASIA and the MTV PHILS. schedule online... I can't freakin find a replay! *sob, sob* Weird coz I was looking at today's schedule and it didn't even say "After Skool Rocks" for the 10ish time slot. The schedule indicated MTV Mush or sumthin'. Weirdness. I HATE INACCURACY!!! Hmp, hmp... you incompetent webmasters you!!! Grrrr.