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Saturday, April 17, 2004


My family had a triple celebration today: My mom & dad's anniv (Apr 14), my b-day (Apr 20) and my dad's b-day (Apr 24). We went swimming at Mystic Valley in Pansol, Laguna.

The place:

Drat... I missed the "y" on the marqee. Hmp. 'twas ALMOST perfect!

Family pictures:

(R1) Dad & Mom, 31st Anniv!; With Dean, my 8 yr.old nephew; Me and my 80's earrings -- after swimming.
(R2) Dad, Mom and me (pa-cute!); Ahh, the family's divas: my sis, Mom and me :)
(R3) Me and Ate Chinkee; Me, my sis and her hubby, Joel

My artsy-fartsy pics:

"A chic-a-cherry-cola."~ I Want You, Savage Garden
I'm not a big cola fan but I luvvv cherry coke ;)

Ahhh. Yummy cool halo-halo for dessert!:)

An abandoned lifesaver...

This weird rock formation has always been there since I was a child. I remember gazing at it in awe everytime we pass by it. I took this shot by the perimeter wall of the resort.

I noticed this goat munching on one of the trees in the resort. It was sooo cute -- it stopped eating for a moment and gave me a pose!

My nephew and I stalked some goats by the parking area... I think the one on the left was the same goat-with-star-quality which I took a picture of earlier...

This cat was lurking under our cottage bench. Teehee, I went under our table to get this photo ;)

The same cat resting by our cottage sink. *I was still under the table...*

'Twas a totally fun family day. And I liked all the pictures from this day!!!*happy-happy, joy-joy* :)